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diary entry 1

I'm coming back to this website.

I'm genuinely sick of the current internet culture, of tiktok, twitter and places like this.

I'm gonna try writing more fanfiction since I really enjoyed spending time on creating an actual story... I've never written anything before (except for that one self-insert cancelled undertale story I wrote when I was 13 but that doesn't count shhh).

yknow what im not gonna bother trying to write formally, it's not like anyone's gonna read that anyways.
its currently 11pm here, i'm gonna download another vn on my psp and go to bed because my period cramps have been really shitty today. also thanks spacehey for not saving my progress while editing my profile lololol glad you got to fix the server issues really quickly haha

i wonder if writing a diary like this will be any fun. and no im not keeping it private, that would be boring. what if i forget my password? what if when i die and i leave all my online presence behind? i want to leave a trace on the internet, and im gonna do this by blogging here.
i kinda wanted to start a livejournal account for this but i thought... spacehey sounds more fun for this. it would suck if this site shut down in a year or two tho. i was already a member on myspace93 but not for long bc that site shut down before i even realized. damn.

anyways i need to get katawa shoujo running on my console or else im gonna cry bc i dont wanna play vns on my laptop. playing vns on the psp while in the bus is the best feeling ever.

kanata aoki from shinseiki idol densetsu
here's kanata aoki, my beloved boy.
i could talk about him for ages. 
i need to learn japanese soon so i can read non-translated/non-localized content asap. xd
he's very cute and a funny idol. (his manager tanaka is hot, trust me)

im sleepy, i should go get some sleep. gonna download katawa shoujo and goto bed

goodnight <3 ~aoki553

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"You know what, you're a human being.

If there is anything I've learned from you, it's you don't have a mind. If there is nothing else you've ever taught you about how to do things...

I don't think you've ever had a mind, but if I could, I would,

I think it would help me get better.

And that's what you do.

You make your own choices.

And if I ever see your face,

You'll tell me why.

You know I don't like this shit. I know you can be a good human being and you can be a terrible human being. I don't know why you think this, but I think I can make my life a lot better. And you'll tell my story,

and I'll be able to tell your stories.

And that'll make it all worthwhile.

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