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It's a Tuesday afternoon

Hey Yinz,

I just want to tell you a few things, on this Tuesday afternoon.  

1. NFTs, money (digital currency or not), political power....all fake things.  Not real.

2.  Your pet only uses you as a food supply and source of bodily warmth.  You stop feeding them or providing your bodily warmth through cuddles, they will abandon you for another provider.  

3.  I'd like to know if Morgellon's Disease is real....I think I have the symptoms, but my vaso-vagal response goes whacky and I often faint when reading about medical things so the Amazon documentary remains on my Watch List... maybe someday Joni Mitchell will figure it out.

4.  Air pollution in urban areas likely causes an EXTRAORDINARY amount of cancer, respiratory disease, etc., so instead of worrying about COVID so much, we should be worrying about behemoth industries who poison us in an unglamorous way every fucking day.

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