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My top 5 favorite horror films

Aloha. Pretty sure you guys have seen all of these films.

1. Jacob's Ladder (old one)

The inspiration for the Silent Hill games.

2. Hereditary

A drama disguised as a horror movie. Which is a good thing.

3. Pet Sematary (the old one)

The atmosphere is great. Good book, too.

4. Nightmare on Elm St.

I love how Freddy is kept in the shadows. Also, that body bag scene in the highschool is wicked creepy.

5. Hellraiser

Visually stunning, and Pinhead is delightful. Show the kids!


The Grudge (old one), Dark Water (old one), The Eye (old one), The Exorcist, The Exorcist 3, A Tale of Two Sisters.

So that was fun. I might do more horror stuff in the future. Lots more films I didn't mention.

What are your favorite horror movies?

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the original silent nosferatu
also 1932 vampyr

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Both great films 👍

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great choices!!! My all-time favorite horror film(s) would have to be the original Scream and the 2 follow-ups! They have just enough gore and scare(the first time through) but it completely knows how to make fun of the genre in the right ways!! I love camp horror and real horror, but the original Scream trilogy has it all for me!!

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I love those films!

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