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Has anyone else here listened to MIW's Rare Demos??

Motionless in White used to be emo af

A while back I found this 3 song ep/demo by Motionless in White that was apparently released in early 2005. It's surprisingly solid and sounds a lot like the emo bands that were popular at the time like Senses Fail and AFI during their "Art of Drowning" era. I really wish that MIW would have continued to develop this sound instead of switching to a heavier (and argueably less cohesive) metalcore sound for their following releases ( see "The Whorror" and "When Love Met Destruction" as an example of this). 

Either way, I consider this to be my favorite release from the guys in MIW because I'm a sucker for that early 2000's post-hardcore sound. Besides, look at that beautiful cover art. It has the signature Bleeding Star artstyle plastered all over it. I wouldn't be surprised if the guy behind bleeding star also designed this cover art since I know he designed the cover art for Death in December's album "A Beautiful Tragedy".

So yeah, I just wanted to share this here to see if anyone else has heard of these demos and if they love them as much as I do. 

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Oh yeah I love these three songs. They're so classically emo. I wish there was a whole album like this.

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IKR? They are all so catchy. I don't know why they dropped this style so quickly. Specially considering that "The Whorror" wasn't that good in my opinion.

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