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The Future of SpaceHey

Hello everyone!
I'm An, the creator of SpaceHey - nice to see you here!
In this blog post I will write about my plans for SpaceHey in the future.

The Launch

On Sunday I took SpaceHey online. I posted it on ProductHunt and on HackerNews. Shortly after that, SpaceHey started to see a ton of visitors and new users! I would have never thought that such a huge amount of people would see my project!
SpaceHey is currently at 2400 users as I write this. That's incredible!! Even Fast Company wrote an article about it: View Article

New Features

I've added some new features yesterday and today: The biggest ones are Blog Comments (try them out below!) and the ability to Report Profiles, Comments and Blog Entries. If you see any spam Comments, hateful Accounts or anything else that violates the SpaceHey Terms of Service, please help me remove it by clicking on "Report". Thank you! Apart from that, I improved a lot of small aspects thanks to your feedback!

The Future

I will continue improving SpaceHey and adding new feature in the future! I will actively work on making SpaceHey better from now on! I made a small poll where you can tell me which feature I should add next:

SpaceHey isn't a short-term project for me - I'll keep working on it and we'll see where it goes!


Many people asked me about my Monetization plans for SpaceHey. Truth is, I don't have any yet - but I'm open to any suggestions! Currently, I pay the bills for the Server and the Domain by myself. If you have an idea how we can sustain SpaceHey in the longer term, please contact me!


On another note, Christmas is in a few weeks! I decided to make a SpaceHey Advent page with some helpful SpaceHey tips & tricks starting today every day until Christmas! Check out today's content at

Thank you for being a part of SpaceHey.

Have a great time & happy holidays!

If you want to contact me, you can do this best via Twitter or Email.

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xXkf100Xx's profile picture

First comment in 2 years

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jamie <3

jamie <3's profile picture

I would like to report a person whose profile is they have a very disturbing profile and horrible username.

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Token Skylark

Token Skylark's profile picture

An, I sent you a email regarding verification. Can you verify my account please?

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Night Claw

Night Claw's profile picture

A multi channel/profile feature would be nice. I can switch between private and public profile/channel. I like to separate my public identity from my private identity

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Kristie's profile picture

thank you so much for creating this. I love it here.

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Soozie 's profile picture

This Gen X myspace veteran thanks you from the deepest depths of her soul.

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Kari Mortis

Kari Mortis 's profile picture

Maby, one day add a thing where people can upload there pictures into albums, maby blog page customizing too? :) thank you!

I love this site already more than fb

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yess I would love this!!

by jamie <3; ; Report

Christopher Julian

Christopher Julian's profile picture

I love that this exists and I’m happy you made it! (: can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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Laura Wolf

Laura Wolf's profile picture

You've got a great set up here, congratulations on all your efforts.
I do hope you can make money off it, as your work should be rewarded.

You should perhaps look into accepting tips from Brave Browser users - with Brave Browser people get rewarded over time with BAT (Basic Attention tokens) which they can then redeem and keep themselves or can use as tips for websites they appreciate (but the website has to enrol). You can then trade your BAT for other cryptocurrencies or USD etc

It seems like a way you could potentially get support that wouldn't necessarily cost anyone anything :)

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Nervous Duane

Nervous Duane's profile picture

More 'back' buttons, please! Thank you, I loved myspace. I used to put up multiple windows and dj from it (no xfade) but i have killer musical friends, my mix was awesome

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Band-Aid (22)

Band-Aid (22)'s profile picture

Maybe you can have a system where we can get little things to customize our profiles with in exchange for donating money to the site? That way there's customization that also shows our dedication to helping this site grow!
Also I think an app is almost a mandatory move at this point in the internets life.

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ATG All Tyme da G

ATG All Tyme da G's profile picture

Want to reallly take FaceBook down? Do what MySpace didn’t do in 2010 during the early smartphone era and create a HeySpace app for Android & iOS so ppl can communicate & even edit their profiles on their phones without having to use Chrome or Safari. This is how Facebook overtook MySpace in the first place. With the creation of a site and app like this and the controversy of Facebook you could be the new Tom and have Zuckerberg money in five years time.

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I'm not sure following in Mark's footsteps is the best idea. Do we really want to see another version of facebook?

by Jeff Madden; ; Report

Exactly, Jeff, NO APPS!!!

That's not what made Myspace what it was. People were forced to use the site on larger screens/regular computer browsers/keyboards to interact, which creates a much better experience.

The whole reason why users of this site are coming here is to GET AWAY from those types of platforms, and relive how it used to be (that's what is making it so successful so quickly).

Apps and smartphones are part of the new era that came in after Myspace, so to preserve the nostalgia, they need to stay out of the picture with Spacehey.

by Frankkie; ; Report

no i want to use spacehey on mobile

by bagel; ; Report

im literally so tired of apps dude, i bought a laptop specifically for somethinig new. and i found it, dont ruin it please.

by Blu; ; Report


BlvckRaevyn's profile picture

I am willing to bet you that so many would help support this site if you added a donation button, especially if it meant they getting away from the leeches known as Facebook.

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Yup!!! I would happily give money to help with financing this site!

by ⸸Ꭰҽąէհჯ_ჯᎠɾҽąʍҽɾ⸸; ; Report

Joshua Leight

Joshua Leight's profile picture

My recomendation is to get pages like on board with creating backgrounds and coding for spacehey , people want to be able to customize there profile when they come to this social media , if they have to learn coding most americans will be turned off by it , its a select few of us who actually know what were doing bc we grew up with myspace.

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by Romana; ; Report


🖤°[𝔽𝕣𝟛𝕒𝕜𝕝𝟛𝕥𝕥𝕖]•🖤's profile picture

I would love to be able to make my top 8 friends, maybe a way to customize blogs or bulletins, and be able to create albums for pictures. I'm excited to see how the Music section turns out, I hope you keep it clean like this and not make the mistake Tom did by allowing so much spam and ADS take over the site. Awesome site, brings lots of nostalgia, I was there during the beginning of Myspace and it is insane to have to go back all these years and remember HTML and CSS codes.

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Mikkolunatic's profile picture

I love the site so much! For the monetization, maybe you can do like Wikipedia and their donation system.

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Otakuprincess1's profile picture

to monitize u should go the wiki route and keep it user funded but not block feature just ask everyone to donate and keep this a safe haven

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Knik's profile picture

i would say regarding monetization, if there was a way for you to get a kickback for every privately advertized link (from a business) clicked that is on the page, instead of monetizing by selling everyone's information (like the other social media sites do), that would seem like a more ethical way to go.

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Yes!! Please keep our info private and secure. I think people will be more willing to donate. :) People love this site already, you’ll succeed.

by Erica; ; Report


WestCoastLights 's profile picture

I've missed a space like this, I'm so excited too make my profile and meet new friends thank you so much for re creating something from my childhood! Much love! 💙

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JakeYFH's profile picture

Thanks for this. I've been telling all my friends to ditch facebook and get over here! It's already more fun!

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