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2/15/21 Well, Get Lost In Good Time

You look back and think of all the past Valentine’s Day you had. I’m afraid to read my blogs from like 2004-2009 that I had on the OG MySpace. Either really clingy or just nonsense. I am very well aware of my old Blogger from 2010. Good stuff.

I come back around. 

My drop box of wonders has been shared to the other guys in the band. Mind you, what I wrote is merely foundations of songs. Everything is subject to change in them. I have this tendency to get lazy in the prechorus, or the bridge. I need that second set of ears, and some better talent to figure out other routes. 

I am an artist that is afraid of any work they put out. Whether it is a hit, or total trash. I’m shy about it. It’s probably why I have a note on google that is over 250 pages long of JUST lyrics, and poems. Some of which I want to use here. I didn’t get a poor review on what I shared, but I have set the Boulder down the hill. Let these games begin. 

I actually did tack on two more songs in that DropBox tbis weekend. I have two songs I like from other inceptions, but I don’t want to trash the vocal melody, or lyrics. I basically rewrote those two tracks. Those may be a smidge harder to change in the writing process with others, but they are open books. 

Now that I’m pretty content in what I have done with the electric stuff, I have pivoted back to my acoustic. I have some unfinished business that side of me too. Went through my voice memos, and found two songs I had written and forgotten. Oh, I found one on SoundCloud, I forgot how awesome it was. I went through a “Crow” phase when I wrote it. So it is that theme. Going to chime back in with a live stream in a week or two, featuring only originals. Just gotta practice them first. 

Long winded by comparison to the other blogs. There was some stuff to talk about this weekend. I’ll be back next week with more stuff. 

Six weeks, and I’ll be saved. 🤫

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