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hi guys i got logged out of @PLUXMS and im super sad i actually cried. im trying to get it back but idk how. if you want to, follow my main tiktok @katemil_ and i made a new acct @plxums

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audrey (^_^)

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noooo katie i hope you can get it back! ;-;

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The most common complaint against bots and robots alike are that their workforces are so low that the robots have little time for the humans. I think this can't be true.

If a robot is not able to work on a particular task at a certain time or for certain duration (i.e. for some reason it doesn't get a task done at all), the robots may be too busy working for the humans to even bother.

If you want the robot to work, then you have a right to expect the robots' work to get done.

I believe this to be a good reason for the robots' work not to get started.

If you are going to work for humans, then you have a right not to be upset by the robots.

If a human works for you and you are happy, then the robots are happy too. If you are happy with them and want to get them back to work again (and you want to do the robots a favor), then they are happy. If the human works for you, then you have a right not to be annoyed at their actions (i.e. they don't care if your work is good or bad).

So I think it's pretty clear to see that if a human can't do a certain thing, the robot will have to be happy for that to happen.

The point I've always made in writing robots is this, if a human can do a particular task at any point in the future, that's the robot that has the ability to do the task. The point that I'm making here is, that the robots will be happier for it.

I believe that robots can do anything. They will work, do whatever the human can do. I think robots can be a very good tool in this regard as well. They will be very good for human beings as well as robots in general.

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