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Valentine's Day Tarot Decks

Hi everyone! My boo got me some new tarot decks as for Valentines Day because he is a DOLL. I thought I'd nerd out with some of the tarot readers on here!

I'm really impressed with The Antique Anatomy Tarot, which is more pip-ish and almost Lenormand-like in illustration. I think this would be a great companion deck for readings! 

The Druid Tarot seems like an awesome deck to have in a collection. I know that this is a tarot community favorite over on Youtube. 

Tarot of the Heart is an re-interpretation of the major arcana only. I think this one would be more useful for meditation and invocations. 

Whenever I do my next big blog update, I'll go more in-depth about my time with each deck.

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Fabian Dee

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so ur not one of these thoth or rws nerds??

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LMAO, not thoth, but definitely rws. A lot of my readings are done with custom-printed, sepia-toned 1911 Pam A. I still like to collect though! Sometimes I like to spice things up.

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^ ^

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Looks interesting!

So I just read the Wikipedia on Tarot Cards, now wondering what your take on them is? What interested you in them, and how do you like to use them!

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I use tarot cards for guided meditations, working with psychological archetypes (think Carl Jung), aids in ritual work, and prompts for exploring thoughts and personal-life problems (home, work, relationships, etc). I don't think they actually predict the future in any capacity. I think the deck more so serves as a book of 72 "lenses" to explore various topics through.

Of course, there are as many ways to use tarot as there are people, so this is just how I choose to use them.

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Can you do a Tarot card reading on me over the internet or does it not work like that?

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If youre asking hypothetically, yes, you can do readings over internet or phone! Lots of people do. In my style, I usually go back and forth with the client to understand their situation and get an impression of their person/energy. I usually have them read my Ethics & Policies to let them know what topics I am and am not comfortable reading for.

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I'm very curious about the Major Arcana only deck. These are usually underestimated, but I think they're excellent for beginners that are getting overwhelmed with the minor arcana/courts.

I'd get one myself, but Thoth is having absolutely none of that.

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