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Well, I tried something new, but same results

They say if you want to get different results you need to try something new, otherwise it's insanity. But I'm right back where I started. 

I consider myself a very optimistic person, but as I get older it's becoming more difficult to be enthusiastic about relationships. It's seems like I'm not alone, but I really don't want to be a permanent member of the "I'm jaded club." 

I really want to find my person- my husband and as Abraham Hicks would say...."enjoy the journey to him." I'd like to formally request an express ticket. I'm done with layovers and connecting flights.

Just recently I got out of a poly situation that was completely unexpected but also long distance. I'm grateful for the opportunity to have met him, he showed me how a man is suppose to come through in the clutch when his partner needs him, how a man should financially support and put it down in the bed room. But with all that said and done he would never truly be mine. He and I both knew that. 

But here I am, at square one. Swiping left and right thinking to myself...damn am I wasting my time? Of course not, those who don't seek won't find right? 

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