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American Horror Story

Okay, so I can acknowledge how far outside of the loop I am with this one but man, watching the first season of American Horror Story has been excellent. I started out thinking that the main plot was what was happening to the new family that moved into Murder House but good lord does this show do a good job of highlighting just how varied and diverse the ghosts are. The gay couple who come back with a vengeance and Tate having to deal with his past was such a colossal double whammy of story. Couple all of that old blood shit with the husband inadvertently turning his mistress into a ghost? Fucking wild. This show is tremendous. 

The ghosts are clearly running the show here and the actual living eople are mnore or less irrelevant until they get added to the ghost rolodex. 

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Ikr it needs to win the oscar!!

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Kylo <3

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UGH I KNOW, American horror story is a work of art!

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