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11/19 Photo Blog (Doing Some Babysitting)

Today my friend Sushi asked me to take care of their nephew Alphin for a few hours on my day off, and I decided to be a good friend and helped out. He likes going on nature walks, so I decided to take him to one of his favorite parks. 

He wanted to see the river bend for a bit and we saw one the boats that you could rent, he sat inside it for a photo but we didn't actually go in the river, Sushi's cousins would kill me if anything happened to him. 

Alphin is pretty mischievous though, he likes getting in places that he shouldn't be in and he's not afraid of a lot, he got pretty close to some feral foxes that he wanted to take a picture with and I didn't think that he would ride one when I got my camera up. 

It got pretty scary though when a feral flock of eagles flew down and grabbed Alphin, birds like these haven't been seen around the park and I had no idea they would attack small people like that. I had a mini heart attack when I saw the eagles carrying him but Alphin is a fighter, he was able to get himself back on land and I got him safe when he got closer. 

He wanted to leave the park after that scare and I didn't blame him, we walked back to the car and I decided to drive over to get some ice cream before dropping him off at Sushi's house. His feet were getting tired around the end of the walk so I decided to give him a piggyback ride, this was the last pic I took at our day at the park. 

Taking care of him wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but being a caregiver of his for a bit did make me doublethink if I want to have kids in the future. Kids do seem like a lot of work, but maybe there is some satisfaction of watching your child grow up. I also don't even have a girlfriend right now though lol, maybe I'm think too far ahead of myself.

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