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Getting ready to play video games. I like to play GTA 5

Fishing Planet
Fall Guys
And my don got me into fortnite. (Im not very good so far.

I am realizing that my blog posts are kind of short. Will have to get used to the blogging format again. 

For anyone who likes SNES like I do. Some of my favorite games for that console are:
Yoshis Island
Ceasars Palace
Mario Kart
Final Fantasy 3 (american 3 not japanese 3)
Chrono trigger
Mario All Stars
Mario world
Mario paint
(Drawing a blank may update this list)

Regular (old school) Nintendo
Mario bros.
Link (to the past also like the SNES link+zelda games)
Marlble Madness
Skate or Die
(May update this list too. Tired.)

(Old school original) Playstation
Tekken 3
Tekken bowling
Final Fantasy
Tony Hawk 1 and 2

Side pocket

(Not a huge fan of N64 or original xbox and prefer playstation to Xbox in general. I dont like the xbox controllers. Same with the N64 but its also the way the games are. )

I started playing gta5 oct 2020 and now im finally at level 100. 

So far fishing planet is pretty hard because you can tell the game on ps4 is a port from the PC version but ive gotten used to the controls. Ive just gotta gather more coins in game and grind on that game to open up levels. Its a peacful game and thats why I love it.

Well off to play games unless I get too tired.

If you read this and want me to add you on PS4 drop me a message or comment with your info. I had someone i was playing GTA5 and fall guys with but that person is too busy to play as much anymore so im always looking for more people to play with. 

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