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SpaceHey Journey

So a couple of years, and a couple of times, I was thinking about the time when it was absolutely cool that we were able to customize our page on MySpace.  I was also thinking about what went wrong that everyone and literally their mothers stopped using the page, even looking at videos of what caused it.  MySpace caused their own demise because it kinda clicked in my head, I do believe it was the lack of customization.  MySpace went from being totally customizable to just plain, so at the time, I was like, "Why should I be on this site when Facebook's better?"  And then like many others, we jumped ship.  So then, almost 2 weeks ago, I read in the comments of a MySpace video I was watching on YouTube that there was this site called SpaceHey.  Like wth is "SpaceHey" and holy smokes, when I first came to the site, it took me back to the OG MySpace days and instantly created a page.  As mentioned before, one of my favorite aspects of OG MySpace was the customization.  The social networking is cool because you're able to meet cool new friends, especially at a time like now which makes it extremely difficult to hang out with IRL friends, but one thing that really makes this site stick out compared to the rest, and really caught my attention, is we can customize our pages to give them a personality, based on how we are as a person.  Another aspect I enjoy is looking at all the different pages.  Anyways, felt like sharing.

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That's what I loved about MySpace too being able to customize my own page. I feel like SpaceHey is not great with the social feature because hardly anybody post anything but I have fun customizing my own page and looking at others.

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