-Your Someone’s friend tonight

-Your Someone’s friend tonight 

I’m sorry if holidays makes you feel anything but joy cause how it always reminded you of how some child who once made you happy and overjoyed now u feel more empty than the plague of December 25th

a family who once loved you a lot

Or at least one of other did the best they could cause you couldn’t understand the fork in the road in adult marriages 

It was a vague memory of remembering how This plague should once feel

You have second thoughts of existing 

The numbing cold grew

A resentment

You desperately shoveled the weight of the snow that was swallowing you whole

It’s no wonder how u resent the snow 

How your mental health resembles an avalanche so ginormous

You weren’t fast enough to escape it 

And you’ve exhausted yourself at digging your way and your hands Became numbingly callous  From the cold just like your heart 

The body just became one Big freezer and it hurts to breath

Though u spend every holiday season shuttered 

Your existence gives reasons

Just know you are someone’s friend tonight

©️ronald the poet

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