Intimacy and Romance

What She Needs 

All she wanted to do was to be able to let her hair down when her shoulders are too heavy to bare 

She just wanted to able to walk in her house to call it home and make it a world of the love that’s she been craving 

She already knew what self love was outside of the bath water filled with roses and sage on the edge left to burn 

She knew what it felt like be in her own skin and she needed to go deep into her soul to figure more of what she needed to learn 

True love but … what is true love? 

She got tired of the baggage that was brought to her because though they looked good they all came in different sizes 

The more she knew what she didn’t want, she knew everything that she needed 

She knew that she needed herself 

What’s the beautiful being without something extra she thought to herself 

She’s craving for intimacy, she’s craving for someone to know her body 

Someone that can pour back into her 

She needs someone who can lift her chin to stop the tears from running 

Someone who’s able to adjust her crown when her tools are a little rusty

Someone she can trust with her mind, her deepest thoughts & secrets 

Someone who is going to match her effort but show up in their best light, a light those two can share

Someone who knows how to be a team player because to them is not about who belongs to who it’s about who has your back 

She needs to be touched in ways her body can’t let go of 

She needs to be kissed gently 

Looked at as if nobody else in the room 

Held in safety because as much as her 

space was always safe, to be herself unapologetically she made room where there wasn’t any 

By: Kenlo 👑💕

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