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      I don’t write much, I’m aware of that. I’m trying to convince my friends to move over here because Facebook has censored me saying “Dumbass”. Which— of all the things I say, fucking really? 

      However, it might be better I know no one here! Better to make new friends on a different platform, let people judge me based on myself and not who I bring with me. I dunno. 
      I’m rambling like I used to in my old DeviantART journals, which speaking of that. I went on there yesterday and stored all my old Sonic fanfiction. Including the ones that surrounded my old OC. I was going to leave them up, but they make me cringe so badly. But if it weren’t for my writing then, what writing I do now wouldn’t be nearly as good. I’ll attach a pic of my OC to a blog post one day if I can figure out how... If you see a picture on here I figured it out.
      I might post some story ideas on here. Maybe get feedback. Hope so. It would be nice.
      Aside from that? I’ve been working on school, styling wigs for that classic scene look ™️, and playing with smartbulbs. What has everyone here been up to? 🥺😜

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