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So im kinda new at this space hey stuff but im going to give it a try cause why not? But anyways i made a forum with a subject about depression because just messing around on this site i didnt see any fourms with the subject about depression. I just wanted to get everybodys take on how they handle there depression. Many kids my age and younger suffer from depression and me myself personaly think holding it in is not good at. Growing up with depression myself i had to learn new way to get my self out of a depressed state of mind. I would go to family gatherings, one minute im having fun next minute i have a attirude ready to go home or crying in the bathroom for no reason at all. Having depression is one thing but to have bipolor depression is kind of harder because you just never know when you might become depressed again. Im the only child but i have two little cousins ( 10 and 12 ) i treat them like my sister and brother, i try everything in my power to keep them from the dark side (depression) because when i was there age thats when everything hit me... when i mean everything i mean everything. At the age of 14 i began sleeping long periods of time and staying up all night over thinking, i got tired of over thinking and began to drink a medicine that helped you sleep. I put a black sheet over my windown and wouldnt wake up for days. My mother worked long hours so she never noticed. I feel thats one of the reasons i am the way i am today (stuggling with bipolor depression) Im saying this to say if you are feeling depressed find your own way to come out of the dark and into light !

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