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Up In Chair

So back in school, I was looking around for a chair I could use with my study. Something I could lean back in and sit in for extended periods of time.

While looking for generic wooden chairs with fixed cushions, I came across this magnificent piece of furniture, which left me in awe as the salesman showed me how to retract it and collapse it back into a compact form.

I had come across a plastic lawnchair.

Now, I've never had a lawnchair before, the only time I'd experienced one was at a hotel by the pool. I've never even thought of getting one either, maybe because where we are, it's just sand, and no lawn to begin with.

Also, the practicality of one I'd never considered until that point, when I realized  that this could be a potential candidate after all!

  • Compact (Easy to put away)
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish (If a lush hotel uses it, it must be a good choice)

So I got it right away.

I paired it with an IKEA cushion, and boom, best chair of my life.

Needless to say, many long hours were spent, sleepless nights, involuntary daydreaming sessions, etc.

The chair served me for a good 5 years...until yesterday. I was leaning back just after working on something. Unknowingly, shifted all my weight to one edge and down I went.

I was fine, but on way down, I heard a crack, frantically I looked around and found one of the broken support pieces laying on the ground.

At that moment, it was clear, the chair has become nothing but a moulded plastic carcass. And so with a heavy heart, I dragged it out of my house and lay it near the trash.

I'm glad I was able to utilise it as much as I did. Thanks for supporting my rear, lawnchair.


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rebecca walcott

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rest easy, lawnchair friend

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chairhacks! I like it

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The Pyrrhic Llama

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That was quite a story. I'm almost ashamed at the level of empathy I had for that chair.

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