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[--General Information - -]

* Starting Time:: 5:04
* Name:: Patrick cole
* Nicknames:: Petty Pat
* Colour of Eyes:: Brown
* Hair Colour:: Brown
* Shoe Size:: 11
* Brothers/ Sisters:: 1 brother
* If yes, Names:: Not giving names
* Single or Taken?:: Why am i being attacked rn
* Zodiac sign:: Taurus 
* colour:: Fuggin white breh
* Height:: 5"11
* Braces?:: Nooe. My teeth are amazing!
* Current residence:: JO JAH

[--Do You Prefer--]

* Chocolate or vanilla?:: Vanilla tf
* Hugs or kisses?:: Both :)
* Scary movies or comedies:: Comedies

[--Things That Come To Mind--]

* School:: Good times
* House:: Games
* Best friends:: Friends?
* Fave Song?:: Blister in the sun-violet femmes

[--In The Past 24 Hours, Have You?--]

* Watched a movie?:: No
* Talked on the phone:: Yes
* Cried:: Nurp
* Gone to the bathroom?:: Duh
* Watched TV:: No
* looked in the mirror:: Yes
* taken a shower:: No im homeless. Jk. Yes.
* Listened to music?:: Yes. Everyday at the gym
* Hugged / kissed some1?:: Nope

[--Do You Believe In--]

* Heaven?:: Sorta
* Hell?:: Sorta
* Aliens?:: Fug yes
* Love:: Yeh
* Magic:: No

[--Some Random Stuff--]

* Are you listening to music now?:: Nope
* What colour pants r u wearing?(if any :P):: Brown
* What's the best thing since sliced bread?:: The creation of yeet
* Who Is your crush?:: Myself 


* Flower:: Uhhh dandelions i guess 
[--More Random Questions--]: 
* Mother's name?:: Not giving it out
* Tattoos?: One day ill have sleeves
* Body piercing?: No
* How much do you love your job-scale of 1 to 10?:: 6
* Birthplace:: Columbus ga
* Favourite vacation spot?:: Idk. Never really been to one
* Ever been to Africa?:: Nope
* Stolen any traffic signs?:: Nope
* Ever been in a car accident?:: Yes
* Croutons or Bacon bits?:: Croutonssssss boiiii
* 2 Door or 4 Door car?:: I have a 4 door. 
* Salad Dressing?: Ranch or italian
* Favourite Pie?:: Pecan
* Favourite Number?: 13
* Favourite Movie?: Jason Bourne 
* Favourite Colour?: White
* Favourite Holiday?: Chrimuh
* Favourite day of the week?: Saturday 
* Favourite brand of body soap? Dove: Dr. Squatch
* Favourite show?: Family guy maybe
* Toothpaste?: Crest
* Most recently read book?: I dont remember 
* Favorite Smell?: I dont know
* What do you do to relax?: Play games
* Favourite Fast Food?: Wendys or arbys
* When was your last hospital VISIT?: 2011 i think
* Message to your friends reading this:: Hey frensss 😁
* How do you see yourself in 10 years?: Hopefully better than i am now
* What do you do when you are bored?: Sit there and do nothing
* What presents do you enjoy receiving?: Errthang
* Furthest place you will send this message?: My blog

[-- Have You Ever - -]

* Faked being sick to miss school:: No
* Put a body part on fire for amusement:: I still do this, even at work.
* Thrown someone in the bonfire:: Das murderrrrr
* Been hurt emotionally:: Yeh
* Cried during a movie:: Yeh
* Ever thought an animated character was hot:: Duhhhh
* Been on stage:: Yes
* Been sarcastic?:: 24 fucking 7


* summer/winter:: Winter
* cartoon characters:: Ed edd eddy
* drink:: Water
* food:: Chinese
* movie:: Jason Bourne 
* ice cream:: Vanilla
* subject:: Science
* animal:: Doggo
* Color:: White
* Day or night?:: Day
* Number:: 13
* Letter:: C i guess lol
* TV or Computer?:: Computer
* Happy or Sad:: Happy

[-- In The Last 24 Hours --]

* cried:: No
* met someone new:: No
* cleaned your room:: No
* Drove a car:: Yes
* Been pissed off:: Yes

[--Friends and Life--]

* Do you have a soul mate?:: No
* Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend:: Continuing to attack me
* Who have u known the longest of your friends:: Wont name
*When do u cry the most:: When i cant hold my emotions anymore 
* The worst feeling in the world?:: When someone eats my food 
-For everyone to fill inn --]

* Silver or gold:: Silver
* Sunset or sunrise:: Rise
* Have you ever broken/sprained anything:: No
* Have any piercings?:: No
* If yes, what?:: 
* Rain, sun or snow?:: Rain/snow
* How is the weather?:: Not cold enough
*Do u like cookies?:: Yuh
* Do you like pudding?:: Yuh

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Imma take this. My own answers of course.

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