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My Two Memories of MySpace

Wow kids, it's like we're back on MySpace!!  

I'd like to share with you my two main memories that I have from MySpace, from back in the day.

1.  2006, freshman year at the University of Pittsburgh, and I find out through a MySpace post that Steve Irwin has been stabbed through the heart by a stingray.  My many late nights did I stay up til 3AM watching Crocodile Hunter on the living room couch.  Thank you, MySpace, for letting me know about about the slaughter of Steve.

2.  2007, sophomore year at the University of Pittsburgh, I wake up bright and early one Sunday morning, log into MySpace, and find awaiting me a HARRY POTTER NOVEL of a post, from a slut, about how she had been fucking my boyfriend.....saying she felt very guilty about it and that I REALLY, REALLY needed to know about this fuckery, that it was her moral duty to tell me.  

Thank you MySpace!!!

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