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new intro! (~ ̄³ ̄)~

the last time i made an intro was almost 3 years ago, so i decided to make a new one! feel free to send me a friend request and ill most likely accept it when i get the chance! 

a bit about me:
i've never been good at describing myself but I'm a cat person but i love all animals in gen, i turn 18 in july and I just graduated high school as class of 2024! i currently live in ohio but plan on moving to south carolina at the end of summer to move in with other family to go to college! im going to college to become a veterinary technician! also.. im dyslexic so im  a little slow when it comes to reading lol

favorite foods/drinks:
dark chocolate, sushi, any kind of pasta, chicken nuggets, unsweet tea, diet dr pepper, square cut pizza

talking about similar interests, my bf, youtube, bingeing tv shows, gurokawaii, cutecore, cutegore, dollette and coquette aesthetics, moviestarplanet, art, most music genres, cats, ferrets, otters, raccoons, bunnies, shopping, blood, furries
(check out my "Nadia's Interests" page for more)

horny ppl messaging me, politics, rude ppl, trolls, homophobes, fatphobes, ableists, french bulldogs, when my hands are cold

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(more will probably be added/edited to this later on!)

6.24.24 5:20pm

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