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My opinion of Doctor Who season 1

Hello friends!

Today I'm making a blog post about Doctor Who season 1, also known as series 14, or even season 40 if we really want to consider the different shows to be the same one (they can be, after all)

My opinion about the episodes

Episode 1: Space Babies – A was a fun episode in my opinion though it's not my favourite, but I still enjoyed it

Episode 2: The Devil's Chord – A fun episode centered about Maestro, the god of music, child of the Toymaker ; I liked it a lot, the Beatles' dog song is unforgettable

Episode 3: Boom – Steven Moffat's still great at writing Doctor Who and Boom is a proof, though really sad and scary something, I really loved the episode

Episode 4: 73 Yards – A Doctor-lite episode due to Ncuti filming Sex Education, not my favourite if I have to be honest but I do think it is a great episode for Ruby, I definitely love her

Episode 5: Dot and Bubble – Another regular episode for me, like Space Babies, not my favourite either ; the Doctor failing to save the people of Finetime really hurt though, seeing the Doctor's sadness and anger due to failure is the hardest to me

Episode 6: Rogue - My favourite episode of this season, I loved Rogue (as in, the character) and I really, really hope we get to see him again in the future! I can see him become a character like Jack Harkness and River Song

Episode 7: The Legend of Ruby Sunday – A really strong episode, I love seeing more of U.N.I.T. as well as Kate and Rose Noble, Sutekh looks very dangerous and scary!

Episode 8: Empire of Death – Also a really strong episode, I loved seeing Sutekh and the Doctor fight against him, turning the Last of the Time Lord as a god of life! Learning more about Ruby was great as well, I loved Mel and the remembered T.A.R.D.I.S. which connects with Tales of the T.A.R.D.I.S. I believe!

What bugged me

In The Legend of Ruby Sunday the Doctor tells Kate that he hasn't had children yet. But in other episodes such as Fear Her I believe, or even in one of this very season, Boom, he mentions being a father with the quote "Dad to dad". So was it because since his first incarnation he was aware that he'd have children one day, or because he's already had them? And didn't the Doctor have a family at the time of the Time War? Plus, even if the Doctor's unaware of Jenny's life after he left, he still had her! He recognised her as his daughter at the end of The Doctor's Daughter! So technically, he has at least one child!

In conclusion

Even though not every episode was a win for me, I still really enjoyed the season. Seeing Doctor Who with a big budget was also really nice

Waiting for the next episode will be a torture but I know it'll be worth it!

EDIT: Added the "What bugged me" section

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