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Thinking about making a sci-fi fantasy series once I succeed in work of something...

In 2023 I had a dream where there was a 2D MMO game about elemental orbs, while everyone was roleplaying as their character. And with this dream came a few characters which one of them I drew:
Wasn't the best sketch, but it worked. note that the dialogue seen here isn't what I have in mind anymore...
I decided to call him Cloud, cause I wanted it to sound like coward, since that's what was his character was within the dream. 

This soon gave me an idea that what if I make this a whole webcomic instead or something? so in my head I thought about many scenarios within the story, like the first issue, or some recreations of memes with the characters playing the role. I did make some fantasy species like cactus cats, and the sapiens, which are animals who act so human, that they're not animals anymore. The sapiens I have are: Mermaids, Gnomes, Trolls, and Dryads. Humans count as sapiens since they're... well.. human. I did do concept art for the characters I had in my head, so I'll show you most of them (Note: Most but all of them used Roblox characters for reference): 

Spike: The mage doctor of the series, the one with legalized performance enhancing drugs and the vitamin glitter (yes performance enhancing drugs are legalized within the series). Mostly clumsy when it comes to urgent clients. 

Tiana Neptune: A love interest of the protagonist (I still haven't given him a name yet), and Princess of the President of New Atlantis, President Neptune. Usually mermaids always like to sing a lot, but in this universe, most but all mermaids just like all genres of music, even Seapunk! Tiana wields a tactical trident in case if she's in combat.

this was the only concept art I did physically on paper, which is why it looks wonky.

Darkness: One of the main villains of this series, wanting to send the universe to a black hole to another universe full of dark. I was thinking of making him have a plot twist, but Idk if that would work out lol. Basically the embodiment of darkness himself.

There are some other characters I made, some I didn't make names for, some I could give more effort into, but this series would look good if I had the effort to make a whole issue. 

As for the plot? Well in a nutshell, a soldier from the army made a prototype time machine that would only work forwards in time to 100 years in the future, the problem being it would not go with him within the 100 years, He soon gets accustomed to this future and soon decides to live in it, along with getting a trio partnership along the way, and becoming a tactical knight. 

As for the name? Well I was thinking of 20A0 or something along the lines of that, I might need to find ways to make it as quality as possible, having to listen to the best music I have ever heard, in order to comprehend what should the story go into. This either might be a well made, or completely different, we'll have to just see to find out... 

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