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Gore accounts

Like gore/hate accounts arent funny, they're not cool or a fucking trend. They're gross. For instance Cosmo, they didn't do anything to anybody and if they did its most likely a joke. Cosmo is a minor and hate accounts and false information can damage them mentally. I've gone through the same. Let. Them. ALONE. Grow up if you're doing this, you lowlife fucking dumbasses. Thank you, now those people grow up. Additionally, I think there's something going on with those people but that's no excuse for these actions. Stop making gore accounts they only hurt things, they hurt you and people who see them. As I said I'm here for people to talk to, but stop with the gore/hate accounts.

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hii ;; umm im so sorry but idk whats going on and i've seen lotsies of posts about this stuff ! i saw one of cosmos, but i just got here and i want to know if i should be aware of anything ~ is cosmo a famous user ? what is a gore account of them entail/do ? xc

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Cosmo is a more popular user and people use his name saying stuff like "Cosmo R*pes kids" and they use a pfp of someone self harming badly

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