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Also, to combat gore and the generally dead state of Spacehey

I think that Spacehey should change the sign up to be more similar to that of Ao3, where you'd have to wait for a certain period to receive an invitation so they can make an account. (Would also solve the tempmail issue, which is what I used to make this account.)

This would help take off some of the weight of the bills An has to pay to keep the servers running as there wouldn't be a crazy influx of new users and would hopefully encourage folks to be more active.

Let me know some other ideas also or why you think this wouldn't work, I can already think of some counter arguments against myself but I think it would ultimately do us all a favor.

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Or he could implement IP bans, like most other sites that dont have this problem do. Im sure he's thinking about how to solve the gore problem but it is just him and a handful of people on this project so it will just take time.

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Hooterbby already explained why they can't do that in an old blog of hers. I agree with her reasoning and I'm glad Spacehey isn't harvesting my location data. IP bans can easily be evaded with a VPN as well so it wouldn't be effective.

by (Read) The state of Spacehey; ; Report

even 4chan has IP banning. It's doable.

by Rosesofblood; ; Report

I think invitations are easier and less aggressive.

by Pawtals!; ; Report


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Hey, Im using MySpace in a productive way, check it out

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wait question: spacehey is working slow bc of all of the new flooding members? or is that just me???

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like, spacehey is cool and i love it but... it's fundamentally flawed. the web changed for a reason, people fucked it up. modern web is filled to the brim with ways to screw with small projects, and more than enough people willing to do it. the internet had to change to remain interesting to mainstream society. hardly anyone wants an uphill battle just to talk online. so the sites with less protection and less funding all die out eventually.

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yes!! this or something similar! like an IP ban or something

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lilith ♡

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I really support this idea and I feel like it'd help spacehey thrive better! I hate seeing the bots and all that messed up stuff since the site is such an easy access to get into ToT

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An gotta here this

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concordo, realmente é uma boa ideia!

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Great idea!

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I know... Weird nazi people tried to add me. Also, in the new user list it showed like weirdo people doing stupid roleplaying of countries and crap like that. Like hello??? Are you going to be active or just waste space on independent projects like this???

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help >?????????

by abandonded; ; Report

wait like they were roleplaying countries as if they r their own characters??? like if the countries were OCs???

by xXproudanomaly16Xx; ; Report

oh thats just countryhumans don't mind them. They're always going to be wierdos but in a cringe way not a politically extremist sorta way

by Rosesofblood; ; Report

oh naw those are countryballs most of them are chill

by lola🍫; ; Report

by rai-rai ; ; Report

Venus ☆

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But once an account gets verified they could still just post gore in layouts and new people.

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but alot less darling. It's mostly a matter of decreasing. Alotmof weird Nazi people are on here too. Its sooo weird.

by rai-rai ; ; Report


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I completely agree, it is too unpleasant to come across these types of profiles that make me gag, impressive how such a healthy page has these types of profiles/people >>://

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this is the first time i actually agree to something like this, it'll also combat stalkers and protect anyone being stalked or harassed for expressing themselves freely online

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I agree with a anti gore measure for once
Good idea!

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That's honestly a great idea!! Also I think up bans should be a thing on spacehey 2!!

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Honestly pretty good but I think it could go badly if someone makes like 100 accounts at once so when they do all get accepted it clogs up literacy everything all at once, if that makes sense? Like I know you can kind of do that now, but it takes a few minutes to make a new email and verify your email or whatever

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But like I guess not at the same time if they have to verify their emails still or whatever

by neo; ; Report

Yea, but they'd have to use their real emails if they did that since tempmail expires and it would take out a ton at once when the moderators finally get to hiding/banning the hypothetical spam accounts, which would then significantly decrease future spam as all those emails can't be used again.

by (Read) The state of Spacehey; ; Report


1NF3CT3D!! (Kyle. ༺☣༻/RED...'s profile picture

L1k3 https://toyhou.se/ !1!1!
1nV173 c0D35

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honestly i legit think that a good idea

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based leafy pfp

by DoveBAT; ; Report

tbh, i hope spacehey don´t goes to tiktok

by paranoidandroid; ; Report