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blog #1.. Hi..

Hi lol... I prob won't be doing this often cause i'm not too good at things like this.. But mehehe we'll do it anyway.

So like... Lately, I've been relaxing... Summer is a bore but it's not like school is any better (high schoolers rise upp) i'll be a senior this fall but my brain is so tiny and slow that i have to do summer school... at least it's online.  

I broke up with my gf a few months back and haven't really looked back since... which is pretty cool cause she was kind of not the best anyway. ( atleast now i can be friends with internet strangers and form diff connections hahuauhauahauahu)

But..... speaking of internet friends.. I need more. I need to be a friend collecter >:)

so.. uh.

friend me or something.. i like talking to people... 

or something




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