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Nothing to Say and Something to Prove

Lately I've found myself experiencing something I find troubling. I have a desire to write and points to be made, but I have nothing to say. I have an end goal, I have metaphors to demonstrate it, but I lack the experiences required in order to make those assertions. It's as though I'm not 'living' principally, but rather I am simply experiencing other people's lives as a substitution for living out my own.

To elaborate, in recent months I've achieved one of my major life goals, which was to establish a name for myself in my local community, to have a support network and know people who are accessible and within my own community. However, in accomplishing this goal I have given up everything that makes me myself. I am a socialite without anything to speak on, external validator in aeternum.

I like your music, I like your stories, I like your clothes, I like your movies, I like your friends, I like your job, I like your problems, I like your solutions, I like your attention, I like your support. I like your face, I like your neck, I like your eyes, I like your gaze, I like your soul, I like your religion, I like your campaign, I like your teeth, I like your lips, I like your tongue, I like your touch, I like your heart. I like your skin, mind if I try it on?

The world feels emptier in your skin, no amount of love will make it my own.

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