Did anyone else like Grossology as a kid??

I used to watch it all the fuckin time on a channel Qubo or sum shit, I think the channel got discontinued or dead bcz most of the shows on there were disconnected (I.e. Grossology), that show was most of my childhood, I loved it so much, I watched it as well as Wordgirl which was also my whole world as a kid, when I grew a bit older I kinda forgot about both shows but a year ago they popped back into my brain, idk, I just thought about sharing this..

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omg yess, everytime me and my siblings would go to my grandma's house we would watch Qubo and Grossology was one of the many shows that we liked watching :D

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Fuck yeaaaa! My brother always bullied me for liking the show bcz my fav character was Chester/Kid Rot, he's fuckin awesome tho, I kinda relate to him yk?

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