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first day on spacehey :) 6/13/24

I have never been on myspace, and I completely missed out on that entire era of the internet, and I have minimal nostalgia for it. However, just now, I spent an hour attempting to customize to background of my profile. It was torture, but it was honestly kinda worth it. I've seen some pretty cool pages on here and I am looking forward to meeting people on this website :)

Update: I found this giant blog full of a bunch of useful stuff for editing your profile :)

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omg samme, I joined Idk abt a week ago cuz I've been looking for a site like Myspace (I also completely missed out on that era lol) and found Spacehey. Everyone's profiles look so cool and I wanna learn the ways lol, Iv'e explored a bit but still can't find anyone to chat to lol

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me too, but coding is so... TvT

by Alice; ; Report

i like ur pfp btw :)

by Alice; ; Report

ty, and yea I tried coding a song onto my account because I have some experience in game coding but I still couldn't figure it out ~_~

by ☆DroxyDig1tal☆; ; Report

i actually found a giant blog entry with basically everything you need to edit ur profile like within the last hour, do you want me to send it to you?

by Alice; ; Report

Omg plsss

by ☆DroxyDig1tal☆; ; Report

do i just put a link in comments?

by Alice; ; Report

also with adding a song onto ur profile you just need to find the embed to the song and paste it into something you can type on, but idk how to make it play automatically

by Alice; ; Report