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making your own spacehey logo on mobile

(link to part 2 on how to actually put it in your profile)

hi ^^ i'm back teaching u to do things so u can do them urself!!

(i did this on mobile so i could use picsart to edit the logo, but if you have a preferred app on computer you can use it too!) SORRY ABOUT THE HUGE SCREENSHOTS I JUST WANT YOU GUYS TO UNDERSTAND VISUALLY

1. creating your own spacehey logo

go to the brand resources page and scroll to the bottom to download the several logos. unzip the file and open the "full logo" file. click on "online" then select the color. it doesn't matter much, since we're going to customize it, but if u like a premade color then by all means use it!

(this is on mac, but it'll have the same files on mobile)

now, my preferred app is a mobile app called picsart, and all features used in the following tutorial are free without subscription.

1. changing the color

tools > adjust > hue 

feel free to change brightness/saturation and play around to get the color you like! 

next, save this image and return to the homescreen of picsart, then go to blank and insert your color changed logo. 

next, if you're changing the little guy saying hey, erase him using the erase tool. then, click apply. (pinterest link for heart frames!

download your little frame and insert it using the add photo tool again. make sure it's transparent, but you can use the erase tool if it's not. (changed color here to fit aesthetic)

then, click add sticker and put a bunch of cute pics!

my result: feel free to use with or without credit!

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