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This site is a mess.. But... O_O?

Well, firstly, there's tons of gore accounts and terrible people on here. Classic.. However, this site is truly a '00s relic, although a remake, and not the OG site, this has most the features MySpace did, and more! It's a great spot for new and old emos, scene kids, or just old MySpace users to experience it all again. I think this site could have better moderation, that definitely should be improved, and I think IP bans should be used in certain cases here. However, this site contains relics that some people didn't have in their childhood, and some did. SpaceHey is a great hangout and blog site too, in most honesty. I think some people shouldn't be on this site, definitely. But remember that you need to leave people alone too. Like, RP accounts, for example. (SOME are annoying but still.) People do have a right to speak up, but keep your opinions about other people you don't like to yourself please, 

- Sincerely, Swagalicious. 

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i agree

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