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hot take on mma

Hi, today I want to talk about my rather special opinion on MMA

As it is written on my profile, it's a sport that I love immensely and that I practice regularly. Unfortunately, I hate this sport to the highest degree. I see the fighters as clowns, literally; their role is to beat each other up to entertain and amuse the crowd. Not to mention the organization leaders like Dana White who treat the fighters like garbage. They don't even pay for the hospital fees after the fights, and the fighters are very, very poorly paid, especially compared to boxing where athletes are paid a fortune.

To be honest, I had never thought about what I just said before my first fight. It was last year, the coach had forced me to fight, and in the end, it might be my worst memory in this sport. Yet I won, but is beating up a fighter in front of his mother in the audience, who is covering her eyes and almost in tears seeing her son get pummeled, really a victory? Honestly, hitting him broke my heart, so I decided to stop hitting him and just take him to the ground to put him in a submission hold and end the fight.
After that fight, I had a disgust for this sport and quit everything. I am slowly starting to practice it again, but I can no longer see myself stepping into a ring or an octagon. Thanks for reading all of this, lol.

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