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Gay plants

So today at school(still not in summer vacation yet:[)we got our new manuals for next year so i decide to look trough my native language textbook and something caught my eye:a story.

Three pages long.i forgot the name.Whatever the name doesnt matter.So i was looking at the story and it was smt about plants.GAY PLANTS.i mean...it didnt say they were gay BUT YOU COULD TELL!!!!!!so there was a new tree in town called some weird ahh name like platasos and this flower guy sisinel was like omg what a kind and handsome tree then they became friends and then they talked ab some book and sisinel was like:someone who id like to spend my whole life with and always be by their side?platanos ovi.So like he went to the gardener and told her to place him with platanos and told her h'ell stop eating if he cant be with platasos and then they get planted together.BUUUUUT.platanos grew so big sisinel couldnt see him or hear him anymore so yeah sad story.So yeah ig next year we're studying doomed yaoi lmao.

Thats not all tho guys i got another win.Today in germany class the teacher let us go outside and my crush(code name:jelly bean)sat on the same bench as mexD xD .She's genuinely so cuteAAAArghhhh.Also my friend came over and helped me rearrange my manga collection in my new shelf.

AAAAANDDDDD thats about all for today

have a great day and dont forget to drink water in  this heat.

P.s have you ever encountered a weird story in a textbook or had to read something weird for school?comment down bellow i would love to hear ab it.This is Ghost signing off.


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