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my to p10 ok go songs!!

ive liked this band for a good while ow, discovering their msuci and particualryl their music vidos changed my perspective on creative output a lot back then!! i decided to rank their songs and thus i can show you ym top 10 songs by ok go :D

10. "no sign of life" (oh no)
seems pretty simple but what draws me in is the chilled out chorus which contrats awesomely with the verses where it sounds like everythings crumbling apart, making the chorus sound almlost defeated in comparison :) that sound from the verses goes so much harder on the climax at the end of the song and i like that!!

9. "return" (ok go)
this might be the most emo they ever sounded xD i wouldnt really consider myself asenjoying that style but this song pretty much does it :D id attribute that to the synth lead and how strangely well it pairs with the heavy instrumental,, oh and that synth solo too!! its incredible!!

8. "while you were asleep" (of the blue colour of the sky)
i really dig how this song goes from uncomfortable to dopey before you even notice xD and the slow sparse sound is something i really enjoy from it,, almost like a lullaby but stiil a bit too dopey for it to actually lull you xD the sound at the end of it has always fascinated me btw!!

7. "needing/getting" (of the blue colour of the sky)
the fuzz bass makes this song so much cooler i think :3 makes it hit as hard as it gets and it compliments the awesome composition too :3 nice chords!! and when it goes from 3/4 to 7/8 its quite trippy but the following part is soothing instead which makes for a very nice and cool outro :3

6. "invincible" (oh no)
so straightforward and heavy -u- the bass shines in this one,as well as the vocla performance singing some quite entertining lyrcis about the supposed invicible rival xD every part of it is flwaless imo!!

5. "1000 miles per hour" (ok go)
this one can get cutesy but thats the case with the whole album xD still this ne is more subdued and i think thats what makes it shine among its traclkist companions!! the romantic lyrics are something i really liek :3 it gets to my heart

4. "i want you so bad i cant breathe" (of the blue colour of the sky)
this song pulls off a hushed sexy sound so well its had me hooked since first listen :D its groovy on all fronts, groovy for days!! and the chords are so catchy too :3 i gotta give it to tim (bass) for this awesome composition :)

3. "do what you want" (oh no)
i really like that they paired whats very likely their heaviest riff with a drum line thats not the usual backbeat (in fact, theres no backbeat!) enhancign the insistent crashes with some cowbell because its so awesome!!! the rest of the song also has this energetic one-beat-loop rhythm and its so driving because of that :D

2. "before the earth was round" (of the blue colour of the sky)
it sounds so warm and cozy =w= the 3/4 time signarure helps on this, sounding equal parts uncomomn and lullaby-like :3 the story its lyrics tell (through some vocoder for good measure :D) is also quite enchanting, and the last minute-ish si the nicest part to listen =w=

1. "end love" (of the blue colour of the sky)
the blend of electronic instrumentation with regular band instrumentsi sounds is very ehart0warming , as the hushed vocals :3 also the drums are so creative!! that blend is precisely the reason why, as dan (drums) can/has to make more space for the electornic btis xD and those synth stabs in the chorus tie it all up so nicely!!

sorry for no hungry ghosts appreacrances!! the highest song from it on my list was "another set of issues" tho, at 12!! also you might be able to guess what my favoruite ok go album is xD also its kinda ironic that even though ok go are known for their music videos only half of these songs have one ':)

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