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Our goalies deserve better

Clearly the stanley cup playoffs this year have been a wild (and emotional) time of goalies blaming themselves whenever their teams loses the playoffs i believe the fanbases have had a huge influence in

Much like similar experiences (Lundqvist and Richter) the rangers have an awful history of awful playing and leaving most of the defence to none other than the goalie

It wasn't a surprise when we saw Shesterkin absolutely carrying the team up until the demise of the ECF.

(penaltyboxmaster on tumblr)

we can't entirely blame the rangers.

It was obvious from the start of the series the panthers introduced an elite style of checking to the rangers that they simply haven't played with before which led to constant losses. this style of play + combined with an adamant coach which only spelled doom for the rags was inevitable in the end.

We need to stop letting our goalies blame themselves for losses, we need to be grateful for what they do. they're the only members of the team who enjoy having a piece of rubber shot at them at a million miles per hour. they bring an undeniable sense of community to the team and the fans much different from that of regular hockey players that helps us connect as a fanbase. the love for the goalie.

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There's so much wrong with nhl fans taking out their anger goalies instead of failing to consider that maybe your team just really needs to scout better defensemen... or just yknow, score better

+Not to mention people underestimate how much coaching can influence a team, just look at how torts single-handedly saved the flyers franchise

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- sincerely a depressed leaf's fan after the sammy trade

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People who don't realize this are either A.) new to hockey or B.) Obsessed, and I mean the type who are super serious over this ridiculous little sport to the point where it isn't even funny. If fans are blaming goalies than that team deserves a better fanbase (could be said for multiple teams...)

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