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Do not view the "Cool New People" Section, and avoid posts by users "kyle.", "gorfield", "alfi" and users with Neptune in their username.

Hello Spacehey, unfortunately, we've got another gore raid on our hands. This time, i've been unfortunate enough to see the video of the s*icide of Ronnie Mcnutt, a 33-yearold veteran who k*lled himself live on facebook with a shotgun.

Obviously, this is against SpaceHey's TOS, but it looks like no bans are being distributed currently. So, here's all the information we've got so far.


  • Firstly, AVOID THE "COOL NEW PEOPLE" SECTION. It's a huge risk right now. Users with blank profile images are most likely "burner" accounts, burner in this case referring to accounts made solely for the purpose of posting harmful content.
  • IN THE BLOG SECTION, AVOID POSTS BY USERS "kyle.", "gorfield", "alfi", and any users with threats towards Neptune in their username. Posts from these people regarding block links are false, and redirect to gore, strobe lighting and other nasty stuff.

  • IN THE LAYOUT SECTION, avoid "Recent Layouts". Look at the top rated area or search manually for keywords.

  • DO NOT CLICK ON THE PROFILE OR POST TO REPORT THEM - Loading the page triggers the overlay with the strobe effect or gore to appear.

I really hope you've all been lucky enough to avoid this awful stuff, but if not, i'm so very sorry you've had to see it. It's shaken me up too. This is the worst raid we've had in months.

Mods, I know you don't like to IP ban, but at this point I feel it's the only way this site is going to get any peace whatsoever. I'm sick of waking up to pictures of self-harm, man.

I hope you're all safe out there.


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There are also users that have "Neptune" in their name that have PFPs of very intense SH. Be aware of them and don't click on any links they have. It's possible they're IP grabbers

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Thank you for the information, I will add this to the post.

by Voxxus Altari; ; Report

Sorry for double comment, SpaceHey told me my comment didn't post T-T but of course! I saw 2 posts from 2 different users and they both had "Neptune" in their names. Someone else made a post about it too!

by michi; ; Report


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and people say gore raids dont happen anymore.. :3

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✂ pierce ✂

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i just wanna add something about the clip that plays when you click the gore. it's actually when ronnie mcnut killed himself on a facebook livestream.

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its a really popular clip among gore accounts so you will see it often when you click on them

by ✂ pierce ✂; ; Report

Yes, unfortunately it is the full clip, uncensored. It's happening exactly like what went down with Facebook and TikTok, the mods aren't acting until its too late.

by Voxxus Altari; ; Report

HAL 👾🕊️

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gorfield is also a gore spammer, there are blogs by more than just kyle that contain gore. don't trust blog entries right now, especially if the users have no profile picture

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Thank you for the information, I have deleted his comment to prevent others from being redirected to his profile.

by Voxxus Altari; ; Report