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Lethargic Rambles

As much as I enjoyed the heck outta the original Myspace, I can't really say I would check this a whole lot... Admittingly, I had always been that weirdo child in school and it shows. I even got flagged by FB when they gave a darn about their userbase because they thought I was a bot account (twice I think). Nowadays, they've seem to take a more "conservative" stance and it's kind of disgusting. They claim to care but in actuality, they want more money honey...

I don't have any other excuse other than I haven't been exactly the most sociable person, period. I use a lot of the artsy stuff and even then, I don't get enough activity to really be invested. I do understand that if I put more in I could get more out, but even then I still want to consider my own boundaries. I left my older Tumblr account after the overwhelming anxiety took over and those anon can be brutal little sods... Went back to it for a specific fandom, but hated a specific ship because too much of a rival to lovers vibe going on. I personally see them more as begrudgingly friends than anything else...

I'm not the type of person to start ship wars nor say I'm anti/pro ship. I say that I don't care what ships you do but I don't even bother interesting with ones that I know feel problematic. Not to name them but one in particular was the Sonic and "Tails" - they're brothers, your honor. 

*sigh* I apologize for that long-winded post and maybe if someone likes my stuff this long, consider giving me a view over on DreamWidth. DM for link. I rather not promote this stuff and have an angry mob giving me the wrath of Beelzebub...

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