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Does anyone have youtube workout videos that helped them lose weight? (cardio plz no epic weightlifting or anything that requires a ton of equipment)

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sorry to say it but cardio isnt gonna get you all the way, youre gonna need weight training to make your body burn its body fat. while cardio can help with working out, youre gonna need to do some kind of weight training.

Now i understand not wanting to pay for a gym membership and actual weights are expensive, so the best route would be no equipment calisthenics.

This video is more of an explanation of technique

This video is more of a follow along

hope this helps and make sure to do some more research on the topic so you can find the best route for you. dont give up!

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Thank you so much!

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I opened the second link, isn't that cardio? I've been doing these workouts for a bit and I thought it was just cardio? I'm a bit confused

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