sports ive done

Hockey (was on a team, now I just do it for fun a lot)

Baseball (did softball, turned into baseball)

Basketball (sadly im bad at it)

Football (was on a team but not anymore)

Soccer (was on a team)ย 

Dance (was on a team, did hip hop)

Boxing (still do)ย 

Wrestling (still do)

Fencing (idk if it was a team thing or not but,, I went to practices)

Swimming (was like on a team for 1 summer)ย 

Pickle ball (for fun)ย 

I've tried volleyball and.., hh

Archery (did it at a club after-school and then did it like twice out of school)

Rollerblading is technically a sport so yes I go like every month

Oh yeah also I play tennis with my grandpa

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