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dog bday party ! !!

i've been so social this year what the hell is this.

who am i ? a social being?

i think not.

anyway i was invited to this really cute bday party for a dog named bella and i will never forget it...


i don't remember how old she was turning.....

she was young....i think she was turning 1 or 3......

i don't know anything about dogs o k a y

and i don't drink so i don't want to hear anything about me 'partying so hard i can't remember' bc that literally doesn't happen to me lmao

i was just nervous bc i was invited to a house party by a guy i barely know and i went alone bc i that's my jam ~

i still get nervous going to parties on my own though :)

but that doesn't mean i'd rather have brought anyone with me, either. i like being able to leave whenever i want and go anyplace i like afterwards. when i bring other people w me when i go to parties i always have to stay longer than i want and i have to cart their drunk butts back to their places.

i love being freeeeeeee

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