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11/17 Photo Blog (Making and Talking Music)

Journal Date 11/17/21

I've been working on making a song ever since the news of the spacehey art project was dropped. I want to make a song that sounds like 1990s eurodance, but the direction it's going is straying away from into something different. I think I've spent three or four hours in a row working on it, and I decided to take a break after my ears felt tired.

I decided to get some inspiration after hitting a wall of writer's block, so I went to one of my favorite places to check out music, the Tanuki Tunes record shop. It's a neat place to check out new album, and I've bought quite a bit from here. I did come at an odd time so nobody was really inside, which was great since I could crank the volume up and not annoy other people. 

I decided to round up my top favorite albums to show you guys for my blog, they had some really good stuff here.

These are some of my absolute favorite EDM albums right here, when I think of good dance music I think of songs off of these albums. Deadmau5 is probably my favorite music producer, and I wouldn't have been a fan of dance music if I didn't listen to Justice's Cross when I was 13. Porter Robinson and Madeon are also big inspirations of modern dance music to me, I saw them live around my birthday at Second Sky and their shows were one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. 

These are also some of my favorite artists as well, rap isn't my favorite genre but Kendrick Lamar does tell some really impactful stories in his songs that have stuck with me far beyond most songs I've listened to. Gorillaz are also pretty cool too, I liked their Song Machine album that came out a while ago and D.A.R.E is one of my favorite dance songs. I was pretty happy to see these albums in the record shop.

The selection that they have at the store is pretty good, but I think I would recommend the owner of the store to have more popular indie rock artists like Tame Impala, Mac Demarco, and maybe even some Neon Indian. Checking out some new songs gave me some inspiration to keep going, I hope I make something good enough to show off that people would want to see my profile, that would be pretty cool.

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ayy saw sum justice ♱ in there!! :D

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