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Blog Entry - Day 1 / Okay Day / What is a person without art??

<My life ina nutshell currently, because that's what blogs are for>

What is a person without art?? 

( ̄_ ̄)・・・ nothing


I've been working on my art more, and seeing some interesting progress rapidly as I keep drawing,,, making this blog to record my life for the public and myself to see and remember because summer break is BORINNGGG!!! I also have the tendency to repress memories easily due to how my neurologicies work.  I've been getting into Ant-Man as a new hyperfixation, I can easily sympathize with Hank Pym due to how he is mentally and his disorder, I will not go too in depth on how that concerns me but I find it as a good crutch for myself. Nothing to really say about my life except "I fucked up my sleep schedule where I go to bed at 10 am and wake up at 5 pm, I have GOT to fix it."

Start of summer: Wed, June 5th, 2024. END OF THE 9TH GRADE!? WOOHOO!!

I have a feeling this summer will have good things, I'm going to New York in 10 days and will be doing a lot of cool stuff!!!


Note to Self:

* Finish your biochemistry notes, and buy that microscope to further investigate the millipede blood cells you collected from the dead [by natural means] specimen. 


* Start working on finding a new hobby that isn't art or biochemistry, you're a loser with both.


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