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Rain of Brass Petals (Three voices edit) theory explained - Silent Hill

The theory of this bonus song from the Silent Hill 3 OST is that each voice represents the first three SH games. Voice one being the original game, and so forth and so on.

[Verse 1] The original Silent Hill

I am the first
A shadow at the end of the hallway

I spin the carousel

The laughter recedes away

My finger on your lips

I stole something precious

The two highlighted lines refer to Henry's daughter going missing in the first game, the voice being Silent Hill itself as that is where his daughter is.

[Verse 2] Silent Hill 2

I am the second
Alone in a faceless crowd
A human caught in monochrome dreams
I scream to wake up

My voice drowns deep underground
Only the dead can hear me, see me

"Alone in a faceless crowd" Referring to how Silent Hill 2 stood out from the first, not continuing the original plot at all.

Refers to James's wife being incredibly sick, and eventually dying from James killing her.

[Verse 3] Silent Hill 3

I am the third
A master, a sentinel of awakeness
I hold truth like a torch
Shadows flicker before me

Rapid eye follow the chain of thought
Until the silence ends

The third game continues the original plot like fans had wanted

Heather finds out what happened to her as a child (She is the missing daughter in Silent Hill 1)

anywho listen to this song its literally so good

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ooooo, thats interesting n very cool :000

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