02 ¦ ★ !!!PART 2!!! weird, old, cool, abandoned websites - ʙʟᴏɢ ᴘᴏꜱᴛ ⌫

haii!! a few of yall requested a part two of weird, old and/or abandoned websites. after going through the comments, visiting some subreddits, and watching like a two-hour long video, i have recollected a few websites that caught my attention/thought you guys might like. 

as always, please be careful where you click (never click ads). ive entered all of these myself and i didnt find any threats, so they should all be safe to navigate around.

and if for some reason the website link doesnt work, try copying and pasting it on a new window, then search. :)


✅ - completely safe to navigate and click links (just don’t click on ads)

⚠️ - safe to navigate BUT clicking links could be unsafe (click at your own risk)

🪩 - potential flashing lights 

🔉 - potential loud / disturbing audio 

🔞 - NSFW

🧬 - NSFL

❌- potential disturbing imagery / content

👹 potential jumpscares



old-school website that has a bunch of gifs, stickers, blinkies, covers, dividers, and many more. im totally in love with this website.



this one was mainly cuz it has the option to add animated glitter to your pics, however, there are more things you can do on this site (photo editing). here is the link if you need help with editing the glitter onto your images. https://www.online-image-editor.com/help/glitter



this website was created by David Dennison, who loves math and also wanted to show off his artwork. when you visit the website the only clickable thing is the “a” at the top. from there you will see a bunch of numbers and math problems. if you click the arrows you’ll see more of the numbers and even some of Dennison’s artwork.




random, massive rabbit hole (it even has its own subreddit! r/Terminal00). there are over 300 pages filled with short stories from the creator, puzzles, and cryptic images. the creator of this website is also the author of the book “Stars Bleed”, apparently the website is linked to it.



two words; weird cult.




weird ass website dedicated to afghan hounds. don’t trust the links in this website . . . 




a portfolio rabbit hole made by director and writer Randy Prozac. most of the website includes clips from his projects. the second clickable square contains a bunch of music and audio files from 1987 all the way through 2024. some are cool while others are somewhat disturbing. 




weird old-school american smokers party. . . idk what they want or what they are looking for tbh lol.




never-ending click-through fest from the 90s. the homepage gets updated every few weeks or so. some of the websites it sends you to include puzzles and weird imagery.




another old-school rabbit hole. 




messy and unorganized rabbit hole. every time you refresh this website a different combination of items shows up. this website can lead you to weird/disturbing sites. there are still new pages being discovered on the site as of today.




yet another MASSIVE rabbit hole. it is full of softcore p0rn0grahpy, political connections, creepy videos, conspiracy theories, and seizure inducing pages. today, the link takes you to a picture of a guy with Ronald Mcdonald; when you click it, it will take you to the main site. the website has over 800 pages and some include walls full of text; apparently within these walls are the names, emails, and phone numbers of many political figures (please DO NOT try to contact them).




this website has been taken down, HOWEVER, you can still access it through the Wayback Machine (https://web.archive.org/). please be aware that this website contains disturbing videos, some of them include ch1ld abus3. even though it hasn’t been proven if those specific videos are real or not, it might be hard to watch for some people. so watch at your own risk or better yet just don’t watch them!!! on the good side, theres a section that includes music, and from what ive seen and heard, many people like it. 

because the site got taken down, some of the videos cannot be watched; the link will redirect you to another website asking if you want to buy the domain.



heres an extra one, this link contains an image of the internet’s iceberg with over 4000 entries! 


lmk if any of these need extra warnings, i obviously havent checked out every website entirely (itd probably take me months). so if yall find something on any of these websites that needs a different/extra warning plz lmk and ill add/fix it :3

thanks for all the love my previous blog received! i might make another one of these just cuz these websites are too damn interesting lolz AND the research is fun. x3

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Hiya! This comment is just to warn you (the poster of this blog):
Please be careful when linking these! Especially with some of this depicting some disturbing imagery, I think things like that can get you in trouble legally, so do be cautious when linking those things, even if your intent is non-malicious! ^^ (I do understand you just wanna show some interesting abandoned websites, and don‘t support all the actions committed in some of these websites)

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Here are some I have saved. I cannot guarantee anything about them or their safety, although I've never gotten anything from them.

https://www.yyyyyyy.info/ is just a weird site for the sake of being weird.

http://biggerluke.wikidot.com/bigger-luke is a webpage that proposes the existence of Bigger Luke, a secondary Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars trilogy. I want to believe.

https://www.cameronsworld.net/ is an art project created from the remnants of old GeoCities websites in an attempt to recapture their essence.

https://www.jerrypournelle.com/reports/jerryp/dogsinelk.html#dogs is a rather entertaining tale of a person trying to get their dogs out of an elk carcass. Dogs in elk.

https://gifcities.org/ has a bunch of GeoCities gifs to look through.

http://www.ratbehavior.org/QuizRatOrMouse.htm is a quiz to see if you can differentiate between a rat and a mouse.

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absolute bangers

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glitter graphics, my love :-)

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Stardust Sleep

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One I really suggest is https://theroommovie.com/ it's the website for the film The Room starring Tommy Wiseau, the graphic design is atrociously amazing, theres trailers but they dont work

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these are so cool ngl

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Why would you share things like this? It's like sharing your favourite spot and have it get ruined and overpopulated by people you don't know. Having many people aknowledge things like these ruins the experience and makes it less individual for you.

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cuz its meant to be shared not g8keepd and stuffs r funner shared! xd

by xXeli4n_xtasy; ; Report

♺ kei

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heavens gate website is crazy

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ooh thanks

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I love this tipe of websites!! Thank u!(;^ω^)

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super cool list thank u

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welp I have a few hours on my hands

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this is super cool!! xP

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going trough them all rn ty

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i clicked superbad and the image in it got me to a "do you have good posture" thing XD

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im abt to visit glitter graphics

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I've been here for like 10 mins how the hell do I save

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ive seen all of these before. i remember there was a post on imgur that had a bunch of weird websites to visit

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briant ☆

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i had already been in sentimentalcorp, some of the videos are truly disturbing and so is the story behind the web

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what is the story behind the website? if you dm talkin about it.

by kali :3; ; Report

what is the story behind the website? if you dm talkin about it.

by kali :3; ; Report