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060224 // my soap opera

so theres this small family of cats that live in my backyard (mama and her 2 (or 3? i sadly havent seen the third in a few days but he may just be shy) babies) who ive been befriending lately. me and my friend were theorizing as to what the father may look like but tonight.......lo and behold........

theres a whole colony!!!!!!! while i knew my new neighborhood had a big stray cat population (at least compared to what i was used to....) i wasnt expecting so many at my house!!!!!!!!! and yes in the bottom left that is baby tuxedos butt. hes got a thin kitten coat.

the older tuxedo (who i suppose ill call senior...maybe ill give him a better name later.) looks near identical to junior. he just straight up cloned himself. its so funny. mystery solved.

but bad news....that new tortie pregnant. for a stray i can't imagine her tummy would be that saggy for any other reason. that may sound mean because why would that be a bad news? kittens are cute! and i agree! yes! but cats are an invasive species and part of the reason ive been befriending my outdoor roommates here is to eventually TNR (trap neuter and return) them. this is proving to be a bigger project than i expected!!!! more kittens means more cats i will have to keep an eye on, to ensure they are neutered once they reach the age that's possible. ugh.. but whatever. i love cats, and i want to help them, and unlike feeding them, TNR is actually good for them AND the native wildlife.

i have no idea how big the new girl's litter is, but even 1 more cat is frustrating. but see??? how much these things procreate???????? mama torbie's kittens aren't even a month old, and miss tortie's already making more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the grey tabby in that big family photo that i have yet to mention is uhhh, based on his big-ish tomcat looking cheeks, likely a male. (he and senior are not as friendly as mama torbie so i havent seen them up close to be sure (lol) but thats beside the point) anyway.....i don't see a notch in his ear. probably still intact. boo. so he definitely isnt helping :/

but um all in all theyve kind of revitalized me and given me a thing to think about and be a lil proactive with so.....i kinda cant thank them enough lol. i love these lil critters. my girlfriend is concerned ill get too attached to them and get super heartbroken if anything bad happens to them but i think i'll be fine lmao

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