Tradition, and the Spiritual Fulfillment

In Traditional societies (especially those with some kind of caste system), there was typically space made for “degenerates”.

The existence of a darker side to materiality, often embodied by those who stray from societal norms, is an undeniable aspect of human existence. This underbelly serves a crucial purpose, as it represents the inevitable shadow cast by the forces that make material life possible. Just as light cannot exist without darkness, materiality cannot exist without its darker counterpart. Attempts to eradicate this shadowy aspect are futile, as it is an intrinsic part of the fabric of reality.

Democracy, in its pursuit of individual freedom, allows people to follow their desires, regardless of the consequences. While this approach may seem liberating, it creates a significant challenge for those seeking to live wholesome, spiritual lives. The prevalence of degenerate behavior and the erosion of traditional values make it increasingly difficult for individuals to find the conditions necessary for spiritual growth and fulfillment.

In an ideal society, people would have the opportunity to actualize their full potential and live in harmony with their higher selves. However, the reality is that many people are robbed of this opportunity due to the overwhelming presence of material distractions and the lack of a supportive social environment. This is a profound loss, as it prevents individuals from experiencing the true purpose of life and achieving a state of inner peace and contentment.
But democracy doesn’t see that as a problem, since it is antithetical to Tradition and to Life. To democracy, Tradition is the problem and degeneracy is the solution.

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