"Longing for someone I don't know" 🩢

A short story/poem i wrote a few months ago. its just me lamenting about being single and never knowing what love feels like (outside of friends and family)

Oh to be loved and admired how ancient poets admired the moon and the stars.

To be needed, craved and wanted so deeply how a devoted worshipper worships a forgotten god.

To walk the lands, hand in hand with a man who sees me not for my flesh and bones, but for my soul and thoughts.

Oh does my heart ache to be touched and caressed like a flower gets touched by the wind, both rough and gentle by nature.

To be held like when the earth holds and pulls down a long dead and forgotten body, giving it a sliver of warmth in it's cold final moments.

To love and be loved how the trees of grand stature and wisdom can't live with out rain and sunlight.

Oh my soul, my aching heart, maybe one day, we will find a second home in someone we find peace in.

Cute Black Flying Butterfly

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