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"pig correspondence"

Delighted to announce that pig correspondence is now out from Oneiros Books. Oneiros are actively publishing again as part of the Black Worm Media Kollective, and will soon launch officially, 2021-01-12, in fact. 

Oneiros describe themselves here:

ONEIROS BOOKS has been operative under various guises since 1998. It has been affiliated with other publishers and projects, most notably Creation Books, Savoy Books, Clinicality Press and Paraphilia Magazine. 

From 2021, Oneiros will be relaunched as part of the Black Worm Media Kollective. We will be publishing works of the phantastic, the surreal and transgressive. Dreams and desire, the esoteric and the revolutionary.

The book is up there already on sale at this link, though. It represents the first splash in a massive deluge of things written, & to be written, for Emma.

The poetry page at Oneiros Books is at this link, with Baby Grrrl on display in the cover image. All the rest of my poetry books from Oneiros are there too, by the way, at the link in this paragraph.

Rebellion, and rebellion alone, is the creator of light, and that light can’t take more than three paths: poetry, freedom, and love. (André Breton)

Blurb here:

pig correspondence is a collection of poems that deal with McLean's relationship with time & temporality, his nihilistic axiology, moral issues, & a general critique of western values; all of these things seen through the lens of his feelings for Emma, the love of his life. The book was written before McLean took leave of his senses, left her & Sweden in 2017 for a brief interruption in the USA, which is the devil, at page 116. The last few poems were written very recently & represent both resurrection & a return to where one belongs, to Sweden his home, & the home of his biological family & of his Emma, & also a realization that, with her in his life, he & his life were better, & the insane faceless goddess was with them.

This book, by the way, includes the actual poem "too much human" that I forgot, in my crapulence, to include in the chapbook too much human, title poem too.

It will be on Amazon later. The ISBN is 978-1-716-84866-7.

EDIT: Well, fuck me, that was quick. Here is is on Amazon with full details.

Dessutom kommer den att finnas på Adlibirs och så vidare. På Bokus med, men skit i Bokus. Önskar innerligt att den kunde säljas hos Clas Ohlson. Classe säljer de bästa strumporna ju.

REDIGERAT: Och här finns den, otroligt snabbt, på Adlbris. Jag kollar inte Classes så jag kan låtsas att den finns till salu där med, kanske några ex som myser i en låda med strumpor och värmesockor.

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