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Not So Definite and Inevitable Return

Guess I kind of half returned here...

Kind of stumbled upon here from just looking on Tumblr of all places. Maybe it was because of how cruddy Facebook has been going, which is understandable. I had been slapped on the wrist because of some conservatives playing fact checker on stuff that is just straight from the horse's mouth. At least, that last sentence is directed towards the fact checkers and not the offending post.

FB says that they have community standards but it just seems like a reason to be butt hurt because of differences in political beliefs... I should deactivate and leave, but that means I have no connection to most of whom I liked to keep in contact with.

I don't intend on using this feature much. For that want a bit more active and longer reading, I do have a DreamWidth I'm willing to share if you PM with genuine interest.

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