about me𓈒ㅤׂㅤ𓇼 ࣪ 𓈒ㅤׂㅤ⭒ 𓆡 ⭒ㅤ𓈒ㅤׂ

hiiii im liliana, or lili for short. I'm a sagittarius sun, libra moon, and capricorn rising & an intp (if that means anything to u)

i have 2 cats! i luvvv iceberg videos, video essays & ofc the sims 4. I live in my head a little tooooo much, but i don't think I'll make any effort to change that. Oh! & ofc I'm a lesbian🙄😛


my favourite season is summer bcs yes i luv tanning and I'm just a beach girllllll 


ꨄ watching movies (I'm on the journey of becoming an annoying cinephile) 

ꨄ drawing

ꨄ I luv going on walks,  biking, just reconnecting with nature when i fry my brain a little too much😅


ꨄ sims 2 & 4

ꨄ journaling, reading, writing

ꨄ i luvvvvvvvvv lost media, found footage, the weird and unusual

ꨄ playing dress up, i luv fashion & turning my room upside down all for the sake of making cute outfits

ꨄ i luv jazz, 90s rap & rnb etccccc

ꨄ piano, ballet

ꨄ emergency intercom!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ꨄ oh & doom scrolling on tiktok ofc (my main source of brain nourishment)

theres so much more but i cant rlly think abt so if ur curious im me, cuz im a yappholic

here's my vibe in pins:

This contains an image of: This contains an image of: Armband Tattoos: Best Armband Tattoo Designs, Ideas and Their MeaningsThis contains an image of: This may contain: the words why the f k did i win in front of an image of some blood cellsThis contains an image of: This contains an image of: This may contain: the figs are cut in half and ready to be picked from the bushelThis may contain: a woman is dressed up as a creatureThis may contain: two women are kissing in front of a crossThis may contain: three different people are posing for the cameraThis may contain: a woman sitting in front of a laptop computer on top of a wooden desk next to a windowThis contains an image of: This may contain: a woman wearing goggles standing in front of a swimming pool with the caption normalise always being confusedThis may contain: a poem written in black and white with the words i want to be loved by someoneThis may contain: a woman sitting at a table with her hand on her head and the words, remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return genesisThis contains an image of: This may contain: a white horse standing in water next to a womanThis contains an image of: This may contain: a woman sitting in the water with her legs crossedThis may contain: six different images of flowers and plants with human facesAll Todays' Explained

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emma !!

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the "my vibe in pins" thing is so smart (love the vibes)

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